Photo Assignments

If your publication or online outfit needs a photo-journalist for any editorial assignment, anywhere in the country, Fotocorp has a team of award-winning photographers who deliver top quality work, to the deadline.

Image Research & Scanning

We have a bank of over 10,00,000 images offline, and a research team that will source the perfect image for your needs. If you have a vintage visual that needs a retouch, our scanning experts can work their magic.

Corporate Shoots & Events

From portfolios of corporate executives and on-site photo-shoots and videos, to corporate meetings and PR events, we deliver customised services for all occasions. Contact us to design a 360-degree, multi-platform strategy.

News Photo Coverage

Fotocorp's network of photographers in every major city across India covers events on a daily basis. From News, Bollywood and Business, to Politics, Fashion & Sports, every walk of life is captured and updated on the site every day.

Source the Best

If you are an editorial person sourcing images for your organisation, connect with us for our special editorial packages that give you unrestricted access to the finest work by our network of photographers.
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Be a Contributer

Are you a photographer? Contribute your images to Fotocorp and we will market your creative work to the world, ensuring that you get the right remuneration for your effort.
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